Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Relaxing at Nana's on New Year's Eve. We had some fun and were asleep by 10:00. Such angels, when they are ready for bed. LOL They are so cute and so much alike yet different as night and day most often. Trent (3 1/2 yrs. - TOP) is not too excited about the prospect of having a baby sister, but Hayden (who is 6 today - RIGHT) cannot wait!
The boys made these shirts with a friend of mine, and they were so cute. I had to get a picture of the "turkey heads".

This one was for Becky and Justin's Christmas card. I must have had to take 150 pictures to get one or two decent ones. Neither one of them felt much like posing for Nana. They are both so excited for Santa and their new baby sister to arrive, who is due January 10th.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are they going to the gym or what?

This is Hayden and Trent's friend, Owen. He came over for a visit one day wearing a headband, and of course, Hayden and Trent HAD to have one too. Of course, as fast as these boys move, they surely do not need to work out!

Trent & Namaw at the park

Trent's first day without Hayden was a little hard for him, so he and Namaw (as he calls me) went to the park. He protested wearing the hat, but I convinced him to wear it for a few pictures anyway.

Hayden's First Day of Kindergarten

This is Hayden's very first day of kindergarten. He was so excited and looked so cute. He thought that the shirt that Mommy picked out for him to wear looked "stupid". The 2nd day, she told him that he could pick out a "cool" shirt to wear, but he told her that he thought that he should wear another "stupid looking one", because he thought that all the parents would be making their children wear stupid looking shirts again. LOL